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What is Truth?

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"Each of us conceals an abyss, though few of us are aware of its existence, and even fewer dare to explore its vastness."

On the face of it, Truth seems to admit of a dual nature. On the one hand, we can experience Truth directly through mystical or otherwise enlightening experiences, and yet on the other hand, our intellects demand rationalization, explanation, and in general, making sense of our myriad experiences and sense of identity. Should we disregard our intellects? I don't think so. Or rather, I am not in a position to disregard mine. Our experiences constitute raw material for our intellects to further process and make sense of. Correlating our experiences has its value too, to the extent that it reveals a universal intelligence in action, underlying the structures of our experiences.

Our experiences give us glimpses into a Totality consisting of the sharpest contrasts of Being-Becoming, Time-Timelessness, Actuality-Potentiality, Meaningfulness-Absurdity, Substance-Form, Thought-Extension, Harmony-Discord, Representation-Will, Materialism-Idealism, Absolute-Relative, Tragedy-Comedy, Life-Death, Necessity-Chance, Real-Unreal, Design-Purposeless, Unity-Multiplicity, Individuality-Universality, Infinite-Infinitesimal, Perception-Action, Personal-Transpersonal, Transcendence-Immanence, Isolation-Communion, Self-Other, One-Many, Infinity-Zero, Existence-Nothingness.... and the list goes on and on indefinitely.

The contrasts comprising this Totality cannot be exhausted with words. It is a Totality overflowing with such seemingly endless contradictions that I believe we must embrace it with our full being and consciousness if we are to remain faithful to Truth and if we are to synthesize our experiences and sense of identity into a coherent whole, the likes of which are wholly beyond words since muted awe seems the only apt response to the actual merging of the two strands of Truth and the realization and reconciliation of all contradictions into one all-encompassing vision and experience.

How do we directly experience Truth? By experiencing transcendental states of consciousness. See my section on Expanding Consciousness for more information.


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