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"Can you sympathize with an exploding star?"

  • Shawn Mikula

    1. We are the universe conscious of itself.

    2. At the Singularity, history as we know it, will cease.

    3. All 'I's are but Me, taking many forms.

    4. It's all a state of mind.

    5. Can you sympathize with an exploding star?

    6. Man is but potential. Overcome! And go thee beyond.

    7. I am content with leaving small science to the small scientist, whose narrow view is tantamount to blindness.

    8. At the heart of every religion lies mysticism.

    9. Whoever controls consciousness controls the universe.

    10. Fear not, for all shall pass in accordance with the Divine Will.

    11. The vast majority of mankind is trapped within perceptual prisons. We, as a species, must escape from our perceptual prisons.

    12. Break thru your perceptual shells. Only then will you find me.

    13. I admit that I'm human, but I've had the fortune of not being too human.

    14. The world is what we make it.

    15. Man is just a big potential. Almost nothing has yet been realized.

    16. Life is a game, and you must know how to play, or else you lose and can only blame your own stupidity or lack of motivation.

    17. What I admire in others and in myself: producing great works and living life to its fullest in spite of being vividly aware of always standing over the gaping maw of Nihilism..... To look Nihilism straight in its face and laugh hard, because one has gotten beyond it, because one possesses the strength to get far, far beyond it.....To play the game of life on one's own terms, as creator, as divinity realized.

    18. When encountering a new philosophy or religion, do not convert, but rather assimilate.

    19. All philosophies and religions are but partial truths. One must meld them together to arrive at greater truths.

    20. Those who see and feel beyond illusion have acquired a far greater gift than could ever be derived from studying scripture and philosophy books, for these were meant only to guide the blind.

    21. Each of us is confined to a world of our own making.

    22. Those who experience the 'Self' lose all fear, including fear of death itself.

    23. All things are in God, and God is in all things. The face of God is everywhere. Find it in yourself, see it as a latent seed, and stop at nothing to actualize it.

    24. Beauty inspires us towards greatness.

    25. Creative expression of one's power is what makes Man more like God.

    26. One must learn the art of turning disadvantage into advantage.

    27. All that is divine is but a product of the human mind. It is our responsibility to actualize this divinity.

    28. Each of us conceals an abyss, though few of us are aware of its existence, and even fewer dare to explore its vastness.

    29. 'The world is my idea.' 'Everything that we are is the result of what we have thought.' This should be one's starting point. This should be how one begins each day.

    30. Do not inhibit the expression of what you find within yourself. The outpourings of our inner worlds on the outer is necessary.

    31. It is noble to seek to remake this world in our own image, to impose our inner worlds on the outer so as to transform the latter.

    32. Meaning is self-created. Those who believe that life is meaningless have only themselves to blame.

    33. One can never desire too much.

    34. God is but the aspiration of Man.

    35. The life without meaning or intensity is no life at all.

    36. Desire, born within the vast, dark depths of the subconscious, only finds expression after surfacing to the light of consciousness.

    37. One should learn how to shift one's philosophical/religious perspective so as to maximize one's advantage.

    38. A profound sense of mystery is invariably experienced upon realizing just how much is hidden.

    39. Never let go of your goals or aspirations, for these are sacred.

    40. Man has so much potential! Those who take it upon themselves to actualize this potential out of sheer curiousity know well what life is all about.

    41. Within each of us is contained vast stretches of mental space seen only by our own eyes, unable to be communicated verbally to the outside world even if we wanted to. There is something frightening about this, about the vastness and incommunicability of these hidden places.

    42. There is more in this world than is contained in all of your philosophy, religion, and science.

    43. What we take to be reality is but a construct of the brain. The way we ordinarily perceive reality is but one of many ways...there are multiple ways to construct our mental worlds. The exploration of these different modes of consciousness and perception beckons as a liberation into a fuller, deeper understanding of the hidden, underlying reality, of which we are normally only dimly aware of the surface and the shadows.

    44. One must act from inner necessity. Feel it from deep within, from the very core of your being, surging forth, empowering, invigorating, inexhaustible. Focus your attention on this feeling, on this raw energy, and feel it thereby increase manyfold in intensity and strength.

    45. Inhibitions are an illusion. Inhibitions do not even exist. It's all a state of mind. Feel only your desires and their fulfillment. Never let inhibitions get in the way of these.

    46. Those who have looked deep enough into themselves know that the Self is an infinite source from which springs all strivings and desires.

    47. Who has felt the seething inexhaustible chaos deep within oneself, uncontainable, bursting ever forth from we know not where, this explosive, overcoming, frenzied, primordial, unstoppable, unquenchable force within oneself?!

    48. You who feel so comfortable and secure in your world, what if I told you it was but illusion. Who among you can boast of looking beyond illusion to the Self of selves?


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