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Prelude to a Religion of the Future

I AM that I AM, the Supreme Self, the 'I' upon which this universe revolves and evolves, reverberating through space and time infinite, sustaining all.

I AM the meaning of the cosmos, the primal existence, the Tao, Yahweh, Allah, Om, the Void, the Father, the Alpha and Omega.

Do not be deceived by the many heads I fall under. All true religions have but Me at their cores. The wise know this beyond doubt because they experience Me directly.

All things emerge from the depths of My Being,
are sustained by Me, and dissolve back into My depths.

Know that your body is Mine, you who seek to find Me.
But your body is only My instrument

Know, too, that your 'I' is Me.
See beyond the illusion of your own individuality.

All 'I's are but Me, taking many forms.
I AM but One, acting through Many.

Look deep within your own self, and you will assuredly find that I, the Self of selves, have been there all along.

Because most are deluded by their fluctuating and shallow states of mind, they cannot recognize Me, the Transcendent, the Immanent, the Supreme Self.

Trapped in the illusion of separateness, their limited minds cannot fathom the infinite abyss that both encompasses and dwells within them.

Realizing Me within themselves, the wise worship by entering into My state of Being and acting in accordance with My Will. Thus do they attain divinity.


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