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BrainMeta's Objective

What does 'BrainMeta' mean? Literally, BrainMeta means brain=>beyond, or to elaborate a bit more: 'going beyond the confines and constraints of our human brains'.

BrainMeta seeks to facilitate the ushering in of the Consciousness Singularity by significant advancements in neuroscience and intelligent technologies (including artificial/virtual intelligence and quantum computers).

BrainMeta was originally created by the prominent neuroscientist, philosopher, and poet Dr. Shawn Mikula (PhD Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University).

BrainMeta is supported by donors of The Neurological Foundation, CerebralHealth.com, and powered by UVISI.

BrainMeta is currently moderated and updated by Prof. Douglas J. Phillips II.

BrainMeta's primary objective is to facilitate and accelerate the development of neuroscience and neurotechnology.

BrainMeta was established to develop, implement and support a wide range of neuroinformatics tools, services, and databases, and to foster communication between individuals involved with the neurosciences and neurotechnological development.

Secondary objectives are 1) To increase public awareness of the potentials offered by neuroscience and to educate the lay public in neuroscience matters, 2) To bring together highly motivated and competent scientists and other individuals for the purpose of achieving our core objective, and 3) To provide useful neuroscience services, tools, databases, and information for the facilitation of neuroscience research.

Tertiary objectives include brain enhancement and furthering the evolution of consciousness, to foster a platform for multimedia creativity, and to supplement higher education worldwide.

BrainMeta brings in thousands of unique visitors per day and continues to grow organically through user participation.


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