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Philosophical Motivation

The Inevitable Evolution & Expansion of Consciousness

The world is our creation, it is a thing created by mind, it is a mental construct. This is what BrainMeta seeks to communicate to others, so that they may open their eyes to this fact, so that they may go on to create something more than what is, and to instill the world with new and greater meaning. Too many today do not appreciate the essentially 'constructive nature' of reality. It is all a mental construct. We are deceived by the fact that we are humans with human consciousness.... we rarely venture outside the realms of our human consciousness, and thus we see the world with human eyes. Naturally, the vast majority of people are blind to this because humans are predisposed and 'programmed' to construct the world in human terms.

There is nothing 'objective' about objective science, other than the fact that the truths obtained by objective science are invariant across human consciousness, but they do not hold for other types and modes of consciousness. This does not prevent us, however, from using science as a tool.

Do you know who or what you are? Think about it. There are many illusions in life. The arguably tragic thing is that so many people of the past have lived their entire lives in illusion. They believed in their mental constructs, and took them to be the truth of things. They were confined within their human consciousness, and never looked beyond. They never saw the true potential of consciousness, nor realized the constructive nature of reality. They never realized that their 'truths' were simply mental constructs, including their own sense of self-identity.

If anything, BrainMeta seeks to awaken people to the fact that the full potential of consciousness has not yet been realized, and that in order to begin realizing it, we must potentiate our consciousness, and ultimately, transcend our human consciousness. This may be brought about in many different ways, and while spiritual insight is important for awakening one to the latent potential of consciousness, the most important way for fully realizing this potential will be through the use of science as a tool, or more specifically, through the adequate understanding of brain mechanisms and the manipulation and enhancement of the human brain and its functioning, in order to make it more than human.

The brain is the most complicated conscious structure in the known universe. A full deciphering of the wondrous workings of the brain is too much for any one person alone; it will require a concerted collective effort of highly motivated and competent individuals. BrainMeta seeks to provide the community, the vision, and the tools, so that we may all play a role in accomplishing what has henceforth been deemed unattainable, and so that we may all realize the full potential for expanding and enhancing consciousness that neuroscience promises our species, not in some remote future, but today.

It is inevitable that in the near future, neuroscience will unleash a veritable revolution in consciousness and its study, that will result in a paradigm shift orders of magnitude larger than any in science preceding it.

BrainMeta seeks to help fulfull the potential that neuroscience offers us all, in part by providing information over the upcoming revolution in consciousness that will come from neuroscience, and additionally, by providing tools, information, and opportunities for facilitating and accelerating the further development of neuroscience.

BrainMeta was established for the purpose of accelerating the development of the brain and natural sciences through web-based initiatives, which include the development, implementation and support of a wide range of neuroinformatics tools, services, and databases.


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