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Posted by: active_inference Jun 17, 2017, 12:08 PM


I am addicted to neuroscience. That's it. I hope to find useful information here.

Best regards.

Posted by: haohao Jun 17, 2017, 08:52 PM

Hello active_inference! Welcome to this forum for the academical discussion. I'm not a Professor, and hope I could provide some suggestive opinions.

1. This webforum I happened to find in the Internet is helpful for e-network discussions on the brain research. The neuroscience is a key part in the area of the brain research, and it also could be classified into serveral subareas. You could read some information or post from these subareas, and see which is the most interests you or a new subarea or area you feel potential to set up.

2. The neuro-signaling system is vital to the layered intelligence system, especially for the human being. "If you like, I would recommend some of my web posters published in this forum which I found in the Internet, including 'The Brain Automatic Information Processing Theory', 'Behaviours May Reshape our Cognition in Neuro-level Starting from the Perception', and 'The Core of the Human Cognition System', which might be useful in helping your thinking for the related areas.

3. "Experience is one way to show your interest and span for the research, which has no direct links with the innovation and best practices. In my opinion, the continuing ability-based performance with interest is the key and the related recognition is important. I thought the essence of the education was the life-long learning and improvements, in which the so-called formal and regular education should be changed into the intensive and flexible learning aiming for the ability-based performances. To be a real intelligence neuroscientist or cognitive neuroscientist, you might need specialized ability-based performance and fund-included web-platform instead of a doctoral degree or post-doctoral medical background, or some professional training certificates or qualifications. "Learning and improving oneself is a life-long course. To be earnest, degrees and diplomas or occupational certificates or qualifications, even the web courses are totally not necessary to the research, even in the future. Internet, specialized e-contents and the interest for the research, including the practicing and webforum, is necessary." from one poster in this forum.

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