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BrainMeta Forums _ Food/Dietary Supplements _ Question: Is this supplement for REAL? Or is it Just a Lot of Hype?

Posted by: Lindsay Jan 28, 2011, 11:51 PM

Recently, I wrote the following letter to the members of a study group I lead which is dedicated to understanding what keeps us healthy.:

For decades I have been very interested in the topic of holistic health. Now that I just turned 81 I am ever more so. I prefer to think of myself as re-directed, not retired.

My physical goal is to wear out, not to rust out--and to die healthy.
What--physically mentally and spiritually speaking--is holistic health? Could it be the key to having a better, and a less costly way of doing all health care and Medicare, than the system we now have?

In my opinion, holistically healthy people are people who have at least three components (essential parts) going for them--working in balance with one another and in an integrated way. As social, or spiritual beings--whichever you prefer--I presume we all like to have healthy physical bodies operated by well-educated and brain-based minds. Agreed?

I assume that we also agree that, holistically speaking:

Physically speaking, we are what we eat and digest. Check out Mentally, we are what we think, learn, know and understand. Spiritually, we are what we will and choose to do about all three components of our holistic being
So, leaving the very important spiritual, social and/or mental components aside for the nonce, physical life for each of us as individuals--that is, as indivisible persons--began, for better or for worse, when, in our mother's wombs a very material female egg cell was fertilized by a male sperm cell.

I understand that at that point, we became a zygote (a fertilized egg). From then onward we certainly became consumers and living of the extra food our mothers ate and, ideally speaking, fathers helped provide. This prepared us for our birth and into that important stage we call babyhood. As we consumed more and more of mother-produced food our now complex body cells, and their contents--genes, chromosomes, etc.--continued to divide, multiply and grow apace. Not long after birth, others foods--also ideally provided by both parents--were added.

The bottom line is: Without male and female parents there would be no us. Without parents and their very material gift of two very important bits of matter called primary cells, you and I would not be here as material beings. Before we became aware of who we have become, mentally and spiritually (socially), we were not unlike the hardware in modern computers (body)--useless with software (mind) and operators (spirit). Without matter there would be no mind as we know it. And without matter and mind there would be no us as spiritual beings. The question of whether or not we have existed, or can exist, without bodies--in some form or another--is still an open one. Is there such a thing as a spiritual body? We do not know, as yet.

In my opinion--which I always offer advisedly--the information above and below, and brought to the attention of the FLF by many imaginative teachers over the years--is of paramount importance. Puleeeeese! Let us not dismiss those with a deep interest in the sciences as crass materialists. Similarly, let us remind ourselves that all sciences began as philosophies in the minds, spirits and imaginations of people. To what end, or purpose? The creation of beautiful things. The poet, John Keats, put it this way, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

The latest example of this kind of science-based material information is offered below. Anyone interested in doing due diligence about this kind of information, here is an opportunity to get involved. Don't miss it.

All the above leads me to the following basic question I plan to explore. In addition I would love to have your help in so doing. It is about a diet supplement I heard about recently--a friend bugged me, for several months. to look into it because of what it had done for his very bad health problems:

THE PRODUCT IS CALLED ProArgi-9 Has anyone heard of it?

After looking into it. I have come to the conclusion that ProArgi 9. is, in my opinion, either news of THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED-BREAD, as the old saying goes; or it is nothing but hype. As a volunteer with the FAMILY LIFE FOUNDATION (FLF) I intended to find out.

I believe it is the duty of each and all of us, with the help of a conscientious media, in all its forms, to help get the NEWS--one way or the other--out there. To be of use Good News must be passed on. For the sake of public safety, All scams need to be exposed to the light of day until we find out what is the truth.

Yes, of course all good things, like good health, come at a price. But, when they bring good health for a fair and modest price, they are obviously worth it.

With the above in mind, the FLF pledges: to do all it can to find out if ProArgi-9 as described below--and which I have been taking since December 24, 2010--is what it says it is.

If the product does not produce and give you the energy and other health qualities it claims, the FLF pledges it will hold the company's feet to the fire. Without any fuss, we expect Synergy to refund every cent, including handling costs--no questions asked.

By the way, if this is a good product, the FLF, as part of its work as charity, is exploring ways and means of raising enough funds to help get this kind of nutrient into the hands of those--especially the poor and the homeless--who do not have the money for the extra things of life.

For more information about what you can do, the public is invited to call the Family Life Foundation at 905-764-1125. FREE information sessions are also being held at Thornhill United Church, 25 Elgin St (at Dudley)--For details as to times call, 905-889-2131 By the way, TUC has an excellent Web Site. Check it out.

Yours, at 81, and in a healthy Now,

Is ProArgi-9 the Best thing since SLICED SPREAD? Or is it not what Synergy--the company which produces it--claims it to be?
Here is what Synergy claims:

Yes, the FLF also believes in doing its due diligence:

In doing so I found the following info about l-arginine--a natural component of the body--and the possible side effects of it when it is used to excess. OK to use in moderation:

PASS IT ON, PLEASE! I am happy to report that so far, my personal experience with the ProArgi-9 product--it is not all pure l-argenine--has been quite a good one.

Posted by: Lindsay Jan 29, 2011, 03:49 PM

Physically speaking, we are what we eat and digest. Check out Mentally, we are what we think, learn, know and understand. Spiritually, we are what we will and choose to do about all three components of our holistic being

Posted by: Brain Hacker Oct 03, 2016, 10:06 PM

I had never heard of that one. I'm starting to experiment more with nootropics and brain supplements, will take a look at it.

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