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> The Dianetics Cult of L. Ron Hubbard
post Jun 12, 2004, 06:04 PM
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The Dianetics Cult of L. Ron Hubbard

(for great site over the Dianetics scam, see http://xenu.net )

Are You full of Dead Space-Aliens?

The "Church" of Scientology* says you are. That is after you have handed over about $50,000 to them to reach this privileged secret level. They reveal to you that you are full of the souls of dead space aliens who were brought to Earth, 75 million years ago, by an evil galactic ruler named Xenu in an attempt to solve galactic overpopulation.

Trillions of aliens were supposedly frozen in a mixture of alcohol and glycol and flown across space, from neighboring solar systems, in DC-8 identical space-planes. They were then stacked around volcanoes on Earth and nuked with H-bombs, after which their souls clustered together and now infest our bodies as "body thetans"

$440 per hour to exorcise your dead space-aliens

The cost for ridding yourself of these "body thetans" is $440 per hour, according to a recent price-list. And since you are supposed to have about 2,500 of them then this could take a hundred hours or more. Another $50,000 or so to this insane cult that calls itself a "Church". After ridding themselves of these imaginary space-aliens, the deluded and out-of-pocket practitioners hope to gain supernatural powers. If not, they can always pay $1100 per hour for what is called the "L Rundowns". Another $100,000 or so to the cult, and still no supernatural powers, of course.

Who started this madness?

Scientology was the invention of L. Ron Hubbard, a pulp science-fiction writer who told his fellow authors that if a person wanted to get rich they should start their own religion. He did just that. He turned his puerile science-fiction fantasies into a religion and at last made the money he couldn't make from writing. A great deal of money, in fact. When he died, his fortune was estimated at around 400 million dollars. Scientology did not die with Hubbard, though. Others were quick to take over the leadership of this "Church" and its vast income.

Why do people get involved in it?

Almost nobody would get involved with Scientology if they knew what awaited them with regards to these dead space-alien "body thetans". People are sucked in through lies and deceit. Normally, it all starts with a 200 question personality test. This is then used to indicate flaws and failings in their character and they are pressured into doing a Dianetics* course to cure these failings. In this way, "Churches" of Scientology masquerade as a non-denominational group improving peoples minds and abilities in order to help create a better world. When the person attends their first course, however, they undergo a form of semi-hypnotic regression therapy called "auditing". This causes a temporary feeling of elation that seems to be addictive, since after that, some people will spend all the money they have or can borrow to buy more and increasingly expensive "auditing".

$360,000 for spiritual freedom

To do all the courses in Scientology and to receive all the auditing needed to reach a supposed higher spiritual level costs about $360,000. Some people have actually paid this amount, spending all their money, selling their cars and their homes, borrowing to the maximum extent possible, raiding their business finances and even cashing in trust funds left to their children to feed their addiction to this "auditing". They believe they will reach an exalted spiritual state where they can leave their bodies at will and create events just by intending them. By then, their minds are so deranged they will not think to check on the claims made by Hubbard himself about this state.

Hubbard goes to Venus

Hubbard once boasted that he had transported himself to the planet Venus -- where he was nearly run over by a freight locomotive. A made-up claim by critics, perhaps? No, you can actually hear him say it if you have a connection to the Internet and a soundcard. There is a soundfile of this at http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/rams/Venusloc.ram . That Scientologists believe this, as well as other absurd claims of Hubbard's, must prove beyond doubt that they have been mentally damaged through their involvement with this cult.

If you can't afford Scientology?

If people don't have the $360,000 to spare to feed their addiction to Scientology "auditing" then they can always join staff. There they will be bullied by the cult and forced to work ever harder for an insulting $30 per week. While they are doing this they are pressured into doing courses costing tens of thousands of dollars. If they try to leave then they are expected to pay for these courses. They are financial prisoners -- slaves to the cult. They won't be given much in the way of the "auditing" they craved, though. But then there is always the elite corps of Scientology called the Sea Org where they sign a billion year contract and work for one hundred hours a week, again for $30 per week. Many young and idealistic people join this group because they are tricked into thinking that Scientology is helping to create a better world and that their help is needed. Again, they won't get much in the way of the "auditing" they crave. Children born into this organization (if they escape the cult's strict policy on aborting pregnancies) will be housed in appalling conditions, improperly cared for and fed until they are old enough to work for the cult for the same slave-like conditions.

Is your family safe?

If you think your family and loved ones are safe from this cult, then think again. The cult has front groups that conceal their connection to Scientology. They will enroll a person and only when they feel the person is hooked will they reveal the connection. This "Church" and its front groups have left a trail of lost fortunes and broken families in their wake. The trick they use when their spouse, partner or relations raise concern about their involvement in the cult is to convince the person that those trying to get them out of the cult are concealing crimes against them. They tell them that Scientology can make them more able and can find things out about other peoples crimes. So if their spouse or partner is critical of Scientology then they must be covering up their cheating on them or suchlike and don't want them to find out. This has caused many once happy families or relationships to break up. What you think is your happy relationship or stable marriage could one day be torn apart by this cult in a matter of minutes.

What you can do.

The first thing you could do is to show this flyer to your friends, family and loved ones to make sure they are aware of the danger from this cult. This is a public domain document so you are free to copy it without restriction. You can either make photocopies or you can download a fresh copy from the Internet. This flyer is located at www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/flyers/Scam.html where you can download a Word 6 copy in either US Letter or A4 format. There is a great deal of information about this cult on the Internet. Recommended critical sites are www.xenu.net and www.factnet.org . Protests against this dangerous cult take place on a frequent basis in various parts of the world. The newsgroup alt.religion.scientology will have information on these events. The more people who are involved in actively opposing this cult, the fewer lives will be ruined by it.

*Scientology and Dianetics are trademarks of the Religious Technology Center. This document is not connected to that organization in any way. --
Rev David Michael Rice
Mariner's Ministries, Dana Point.
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post Jun 12, 2004, 06:18 PM
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If you are a Scientologist reading this then chances are you are a
pre-Clear. You haven't done much yet in getting up the Bridge but you have
big plans to. When you get enough money together and you have the time
then you will maybe go to Flag and rocket up the Bridge to Clear and then
go on to do your OT levels. It costs a lot of money, but then what price
can you put on spiritual freedom and immortality? Surely it is worth more
than all the money in the world. You will have read the odd article on
Scientology in newspapers and even seen the odd TV program about it and so
you are aware that somewhere on the OT levels there is mention of an evil
galactic overlord called "Xenu". But what the hell? So what if there is?
And you have probably heard the bit about our supposedly being infested by
the souls of those aliens brought to Earth by Xenu, 75 million years ago,
where they were stacked around volcanoes and murdered with H-bombs. Well,
it's just an odd story, isn't it? Christianity has someone walking on
water and rising from the dead which is pretty silly as well. Most
religions have rather odd Creation myths underlying them. This Xenu thing
is just one of those stories which you will either choose to believe or
choose not to believe when the time comes. After all, if a Scientologist
cannot think for themselves then who can? So it will all be okay when you
get on your OT levels. There can't be anything too outlandish in them
otherwise people wouldn't do these OT levels. And you know people who have
done them and they seem fine as people so obviously there is no great
monster lurking in there someplace. And when the time comes and you get to
that level you will find it is okay and not like the posters on the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology rant and rave about.

Well consider this. Supposing you were required to actually talk to these
aliens telepathically to make them go away for a large part of these OT
levels. Would you do it?

Of course not. That would be stupid. Scientology is not about stupid
things like that. It is about improving a person's ability so they can
create a better world. It's all about applying scientific methods properly
and seeing that they do indeed work. There might be mention of aliens in
it but it is only a very small part of it. And the odd mention of aliens
is no worse than saying that Jesus walked on water. Anyhow, it doesn't
matter because it can't be part of the belief system of Scientology.

But the trouble is ---- you WILL be expected to telepathically talk to
these dead space-aliens (called "body thetans") when you get to OT III.
You WILL have to do this over a prolonged period of time and at huge
expense. It's not a case of whether you believe in them or not. You WILL
be required to "audit out" this space-alien infestation of "body thetans".
You will have to remind them of the time, 75 million years ago, when Xenu
brought them to Earth and nuked them, or to remind them of an earlier
incident (basic-basic on the chain, known as "Incident One") 4 quadrillion
years ago when a cherub rushed out at them and blew a horn and blackness
was dumped on them. You WILL have to tell these space-alien thetans this
story to make them go away. And in case you have any doubts about this
then you can even listen to L. Ron Hubbard tell others how easily he makes
these space-alien "body thetans" go away.

Are you going to do this when the time comes? Well yes. Get it over and
done with so that you can get on with the *real* OT levels at the next
stage. The ones that give you life-changing gains and maybe develop a few
psychic powers for you in the process. Well what about OT IV? You have
seen somewhere that this is the OT Drug Rundown. Strange how you've done
the Purif and yet you have to do it again on OT IV. Well guess what? It
isn't for you. It is for the space-alien "body thetans" inside of you.
Many of those naughty little space-aliens have taken DRUGS in their past
lives and now they are in a state of unawareness and near-death. You have
to give *them* a sort of Purif. This is what OT IV is all about. You
revive them so that ----- on OT V, more commonly known as "New Era
Dianetics for OTs" or just plain "NOTs", you can run Dianetic processes on
them to wake them up and make them go away.

You don't believe it? Well, did you know that you can buy copies of the
NOTs Technical Bulletins from the Swedish court? You can request a copy of
them on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup and someone will post them
to you. You can email a request for them to Andreas Heldal-Lund at heldal@online.no and you will be sent them (in a couple of weeks or
so). You can read all about the handling of these "body thetans" and so
find out for yourself whether what I write here is true or not. It is
entirely in your hands.

So what happens after OT V? Is this where the *real* OT levels start?
Well, OT VI and OT VII are all to do with body thetans as well. You
"solo-audit" the ones that are left to make them go away. And by the time
you have completed that stage you will have paid between $150,000 and
$250,000 and spent maybe ten years of your life doing it.

So let me ask you this: Are you going to do it?

I think not.

But what about all those people you know or have met that have done these
levels? Surely they wouldn't buy into this sort of thing if it were true,
so it can't be true.

Well, after 10 years or so of "ethics handlings", application of the
"doubt formula", finding M/Us, false data stripping, PTS handling, repair
auditing, 3 day full reviews of folders by Class XII C/S's at $440 per
hour every time you express displeasure about your auditing --- you learn
that the only way to make progress up the Bridge and the only way you can
afford it is to do exactly as you are told, to never question and to never
complain. Those OTs you look up to do indeed audit out their body thetans.
They do it because to do otherwise would get them into a lot of very
expensive trouble. THAT is why they are so cagey about these levels and
never even allude to their contents. It is not because they contain
dangerous secrets that could harm the public. It is to hide their shame
and their loss. They have spent so much money and so much of their lives
on Scientology -- the best years of their life for both living and earning
-- that they dare not face the truth that they have thrown their lives
away on a worthless and stupid pursuit. They are carrying on the pretense
that all is well. To admit otherwise is to admit that they have ruined
their own lives through their own weakness and stupidity.

You, the Scientologist reading this, are still young. You still have the
best years of your life in front of you. Do you really want to throw your
life away on a huge mistake? Do you want to end up like these OTs, the
best part of their lives and their money lost forever?

It's time to do a bit of thinking. Using a bit of that "Think for
Yourself" idea and applying it to the religion you have elected to join.

Good luck.
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post Jun 12, 2004, 06:26 PM
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after reading this, it makes sense that the Church of Scientology is headquartered in L.A.
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post Jun 12, 2004, 06:31 PM
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it's funny to think that this is the nonsense that Tom Cruise buys into
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post Jun 12, 2004, 06:34 PM
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maybe Tom hasn't heard about the space aliens yet. I'm sure John Travolta has, though, based on the intensity of his face-glow
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post Jun 12, 2004, 06:37 PM
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QUOTE (Dan @ Jun 12, 03:34 PM)
maybe Tom hasn't heard about the space aliens yet.

maybe you should email him about the space aliens. He might be so grateful that I bet he'd let you be his sidekick in his next movie, The Last Samurai II.

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post Jun 12, 2004, 06:40 PM
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actually, I'd rather just wait until he hears the news from the proper authorities and then claim to be the re-membered corpse of the great Xemu and demand half his money and all his women
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post Jun 12, 2004, 06:43 PM
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maybe I'll email him under the pseudonym Xenu, demanding all his women. I wonder if that would work.
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post Jun 12, 2004, 06:52 PM
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user posted image

Who is Xenu?

I'm going to tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably? Right, then I'll begin.

Once upon a time (75 million years ago to be more precise) there was an alien galactic ruler named Xemu. Xemu was in charge of all the planets in this part of the galaxy including our own planet Earth, except in those days it was called Teegeeack.

Now Xemu had a problem. All of the 76 planets he controlled were over-populated. Each planet had on average 178 billion people. He wanted to get rid of all the overpopulation so he had a plan.

Xemu took over complete control with the help of renegades to defeat the good people and the Loyal Officers. Then with the help of psychiatrists he called in billions of people for income tax inspections where they were instead given injections of alcohol and glycol mixed to paralyse them. Then they were put into space planes that looked exactly like DC8s (except they had rocket motors instead of propellers).

These DC8 space planes then flew to planet Earth where the paralysed people were stacked around the bases of volcanoes in their hundreds of billions. When they had finished stacking them around then H-bombs were lowered into the volcanoes. Xemu then detonated all the H-bombs at the same time and everyone was killed.

The story doesn't end there though. Since everyone has a soul (called a "thetan" in this story) then you have to trick souls into not coming back again. So while the hundreds of billions of souls were being blown around by the nuclear winds he had special electronic traps that caught all the souls in electronic beams (the electronic beams were sticky like fly-paper).

After he had captured all these souls he had them packed into boxes and taken to a few huge cinemas. There all the souls had to spend days watching special 3D motion pictures that told them what life should be like and many confusing things. In this film they were shown false pictures and told they were God, The Devil and Christ. In the story this process is called "implanting".

When the films ended and the souls left the cinema these souls started to stick together because since they had all seen the same film they thought they were the same people. They clustered in groups of a few thousand. Now because there were only a few living bodies left they stayed as clusters and inhabited these bodies.

As for Xemu, the Loyal Officers finally overthrew him and they locked him away in a mountain on one of the planets. He is kept in by a force-field powered by an eternal battery and Xemu is still alive today.

That is the end of the story. And so today everyone is full of these clusters of souls called "body thetans". And if we are to be a free soul then we have to remove all these "body thetans" and pay lots of money to do so. And the only reason people believe in God and Christ was because it was in the film their body thetans saw 75 million years ago.

Well what did you think of that story?
What? You thought it was a stupid story?

Well so do we. Unfortunately this stupid story is the core belief in the "religion" known as Scientology.* If people knew about this story then most people would never get involved in it. This story is told to you when you reach one of their secret levels called OT III. After that you are supposed to telepathically communicate with these body thetans to make them go away. You have to pay a lot of money to get to this level and do this (or you have to work very hard for the organisation on extremely low pay for many years).

We are telling you this story as a warning. If you become involved with Scientology then we would like you to do so with your eyes open and fully aware of the sort of material it contains.

Most of the Scientologists that work in their Dianetics* centres and so called "Churches" of Scientology do not know this story since they are not allowed to hear it until they reach the secret "upper" levels of Scientology. It may take them many years before they reach this level if they ever do. The ones who do know it are forced to keep it a secret and not tell it to those people who are joining Scientology.

Now you have read this you know their big secret. Don't let us put you off joining though.

* Dianetics and Scientology are trademarks of the "Religious" Technology Centre. This document is not connected with that organisation in any way.

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post Jun 12, 2004, 07:24 PM
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(I think Hubbard's Clear is a concept he adapted, without giving credit, from Nietzsche's Ubermensch concept, as can be discerned from the description of the Clear given below)

Hubbard's Concept of the Clear

It would seem that the first person to reach the state of Clear should stick out in history like a sore thumb. After all, a Clear -

- never has colds or accidents,
- has a soaring IQ,
- total recall of his entire life from conception on,
- has cancer (possibly) and other physical deficiencies repaired,1
- can compute in seconds what the average person needs 30 or more minutes for
- is the first case of a truly rational person.

As Hubbard states, "We are dealing here with an entirely new and hitherto nonexistent object of inspection, the Clear."

A Clear would be an immense boost to many social areas, such as law enforcement, where a Clear could recall events when he was a fetus or unconscious and thus help solve crimes he may have "witnessed" while in an unconscious state. Biology would make giant leaps if you could really recall what you were thinking when you were a sperm or ovum (Planned Parenthood might be helped by having a person recall their life as an ovum; "could you have stopped the sperm from impregnating you?"). Clears would be the most sought after people in many sciences, in law enforcement, medicine, and other fields. Clears, being the most rational and intelligent of society, should naturally rise to positions of power and authority in academics and politics, making the world a better place to live.

This allegedly superhuman condition is the end result of dianetics and the launching point toward the upper levels of Scientology training. Any person not yet Clear is an aberrated person and not capable of full human potential.

It should be obvious to all, considering the incredible abilities and states of being involved, who the first Clear was. Just as we know who was the first man to walk on the moon, we should all be taught who the first person in history to reach the state of Clear was. L. Ron Hubbard himself should surely have known who this person was, since he claimed discovery of the condition.

Or was it Hubbard himself? Imagine, says Hubbard, an engineer who builds a bridge up to a high plateau that had never been visited by man. After finishing the bridge, "He himself crosses and he inspects the plateau carefully."5 Others cross after the engineer. This analogy is obvious. The engineer is Hubbard, and the plateau is the state of Clear. So Hubbard was the first Clear, and to support this further is the "Scientology Catechism", which asks if Hubbard was Clear, and answers "Yes- in order to map the route for others he had to make it himself."6

Yet, in a speech in 1958, Hubbard said that the first Clears were people he was treating in Los Angeles while he was disguised as a swami.7 The first of these became Clear "by 1947"; "these were the first Clears."8 "There were people who were run on the old techniques who were Cleared years ago," Hubbard stated on June 12, 1950.9

On August 10, 1950, Hubbard gave a talk at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles where he introduced Sonya Bianca (aka Ann Singer) as the world's first Clear.10 After she miserably failed recall tests on stage, she was never again referred to as the first Clear. This declaration, however, seems to contradict the notion that Hubbard was the first, or even that the "swami's" patients were.

Hubbard declared Sara, his first wife, as the first Clear until she divorced him.11 "He stood up on stage in Los Angeles and announced that I was the first 'Clear.' I was so embarrassed..."12

Within Dianetics itself several Clears are mentioned, who would thus have to have been Clear before 1950. A woman with twelve difficult prenatal engrams finally "progressed to Clear."13 A husband and wife team Cleared each other.14 A pianist who was halted by his engrams became "one of the best-paid concert pianists in Hollywood".15 Others are indirectly mentioned.16 These pre-Dianetics Clears seem logically to be necessary, otherwise how would Hubbard have been able to describe what a Clear was like?

For example, how did Hubbard know that a Clear has "an increase in longevity which is at least a hundred to one for every hour of therapy"?17 Wouldn't at least one Cleared person have had to have lived for quite some time before Hubbard, with his reported penchant for scientific accuracy, could write this? Also, how did he know that about 500 hours of auditing is the average amount needed to produce a Clear,18 and that it otherwise takes from 30 to 1200 hours?19 This indicates that there must have been several Clears at the time Hubbard wrote Dianetics.

And last but not least, John Mcmaster was checked and double checked, and the Church of Scientology officially declared him the first Clear on March 9, 1966.20

Will the real first Clear please stand up?

Since it seems impossible to understand the state of Clear by observing the first example, let us come at it from what Hubbard wrote from his observations of Clears in Dianetics. "If this person now feels he can solve all the problems of life, lick the world with one hand tied behind him and feel a friend to all men, you have a Clear."21 Hubbard is helpful here, although it could be argued that he is also describing a drunk.

Of course, Hubbard has more scientific sounding definitions: "the Clear is an unaberrated person... [who] has no engrams which can be restimulated..."22 This sounds more helpful, but how can you tell when there are no more engrams?

Engrams, those memories stored in the reactive mind, have to be found, and gone over and over until the auditor perceives that the pre-Clear has come up through apathy, anger, boredom, and finally laughter.23 Once the pre-Clear is having a good time reliving his father's attack on his mother or his mother attempting to abort him (to use Hubbard's examples), then the engram is said to have moved out of the reactive mind and into the analytical mind, and the auditor moves on to search for another engram. Simply put, then, an auditor has a pre-Clear relive an experience (which has pain and unconsciousness in the experience) stored in the reactive mind over and over until the auditor is satisfied that the engram no longer affects the pre-Clear. At this point the engram is considered erased [note: there seems to be a contradiction here in that the auditor is not to evaluate for the pre-clear, although here the auditor decides when an engram is gone].

Although Hubbard declared that anyone can audit (Dianetics is, after all, a how-to-audit manual) there are many pitfalls an auditor must watch out for while searching for engrams. He may encounter a "lie factory" engram that makes the pre-Clear "remember" things that never really occurred. Hubbard offers no help in differentiating between actual engrams and "lie factory" memories, and in fact says you will wind up in a "tangled hash."24

The "denyer" engram may hide itself by denying its own existence. Phrases in an engram like "I'm not here" and "forget about it" will hide its existence from the auditor because the pre-Clear, in his aberrated state, takes language phrases in an engram literally. The method used to find these is to guess at a phrase that may be in the engram. In one example, Hubbard tells of an auditor who tried 200 phrases before he got one that seemed to fit the bill.25 This would seem by the auditing methods used then to probably have taken days of the auditor telling the pre-Clear to "Repeat this phrase, 'you won't find me' (pre-Clear repeats many times. No apparent evidence of an engram, so...) Now repeat 'I can't be found'..." Doesn't this seem to be a way to drive someone insane rather than therapy? And Hubbard says there are thousands of denyer phrases!!!26

The "bouncer" engram is another deceptive type, with phrases like "get out," which kicks the pre-Clear out of the engram.27 Again, the solution is to guess at a phrase since this is the best way to find engrams.28 Consequently a lot of guessing goes on in this precise "scientific" process of auditing.

The "holder", "misdirector", "grouper", and "derailer" all offer similar problems to the auditor. And all the above are simply blocks to finding an engram. There are also problems in eradicating the engram. You may think an engram has been erased, yet you may only have reduced its effect on the pre-Clear.

There is even the possibility that the pre-Clear has engrams in another language that he doesn't know about!29 How these can be declared eradicated when there is no proof of their existence in the first place strains the imagination to the utmost.

The above (incomplete) examples of problems in auditing are brought up to show that finding someone who has no engrams is a difficult task, since engrams according to Hubbard's own words are often hard to detect. And if just one engram escapes detection, you do not have a Clear.

Let us consider a theoretical example of a person who knows Dianetics but is not a Clear. This person, during auditing, kicks in a "lie factory" engram, and since this person understands the auditing process he is skillfully able to create fake engrams, and even can fake its eradication. His mother lived with her Greek parents until the fifth month of pregnancy, and engrams in the Greek language were instilled in the fetus. The auditor found prenatals in auditing (after the fifth month), and it was assumed that all were eradicated, since the person became much more assertive, happier, and the like after many hours of auditing. This person could be declared Clear because the "lie factory" engrams were skilled at hiding by understanding the auditing game, and the foreign language engrams were never restimulated or found because auditing was done in English. This is a perfectly conceivable case under Hubbard's theories. But a worse case might be when an auditor continually searches for weeks trying to find engrams that don't even exist, in other words, auditing a Clear.

It should be obvious from the above that the entire process of auditing is subjective. An engram is declared gone because the auditor perceives that the person has gotten better. A Clear is declared because the auditor decides he is now free of "aberration" and "psychosomatic illness."30 Hubbard even states that "The subjective reality, not the objective reality, is the important question to the auditor."31 This massive amount of subjectivity puts a strain on Hubbard's claims of scientific accuracy.

The auditor is continually required to make subjective decisions and yet is taught that the entire process is a mechanistic, scientifically precise exercise. The auditor is never allowed to consider that a hindrance to auditing is from anything other than engrams. If a person is skeptical of engrams, the auditor is assured that an engram is causing the skepticism32 and certainly not a healthy amount of research on the part of the skeptic. When someone "resists" auditing, that is caused by an engram rather than the person's conclusion that dianetics is stupid.33 Boredom is never from genuine boredom, according to Hubbard, but from an engram. Consequently, anything other than full acceptance and submission to dianetics auditing must be caused by engrams.

This entire process of finding and eradicating engrams is totally subjective. Although Hubbard tries valiantly to make auditing seem a mere mechanical process34 with his engineering and scientific talk, the mind is not a mechanical object. It is the most complex device nature ever made, and has to this day baffled those who have tried to figure out how it works. Personality, culture, upbringing, and more, influence individual actions, not just a finite set of past events incorrectly stored in the reactive mind.

In the real world, the state of Clear is basically a rank within the Church of Scientology. In the real world, the superhuman qualities of Clear have not been perceived by independent investigators, nor have these superhumans been able to take over or at least greatly effect society in any fashion. In other words, although thousands of people have obtained the rank of Clear, there is no proof that any of them fit Hubbard's grandiose claims for them in Dianetics. Nor have they been able to accomplish what Hubbard claimed they could.


Conditioning is an alternative explanation of people's behavior to Hubbard's engram theory. I wondered why Hubbard argued that there was no such thing as conditioning35 until I realized that if conditioning exists, then many activities attributed to engrams could more rationally be attributed to conditioning, and thus, people could receive help elsewhere than from dianetics.

Hubbard even unwittingly provides a good example of conditioning himself. A small fish in shallow, stale waters is bumped and hurt by a larger fish trying to eat him. The small fish got an engram from this occurrence (pain and momentary unconsciousness being present). The small fish is attacked again later in a quite similar manner, and the first engram is "keyed in", thus reinforcing the first engram. From then on, whenever the fish enters stale, shallow waters, he panics and heads elsewhere, even when there is no danger present.36 This is very similar to Pavlov's experiments with dogs who drooled at the sound of a bell that normally rang only when food was provided. Yet Hubbard claims that Pavlov's dogs "might be trained to do this or that. But it was not conditioning. The dogs went mad because they were given engrams."37

From Hubbard's own example of the fish, we can see that some things described as engrams can in fact be better attributed to conditioning. The fish story could work just as well without pain and unconsciousness even being present, thus negating engrams. Were we to continue following the fish around, he may at a later time figure out that stale, shallow waters do not always include dangers, and thus may return to those areas to feed. Conditioning can thus be unlearned, whereas engrams remain until audited out.

This is much more than a game of semantics. Conditioning is a learned pattern of responsive behavior acquired from repetitive stimulation of a certain type. Pavlov's dogs learned that whenever they heard a bell that food became accessible to them. They became accustomed to anticipating food at the sound of the bell, so naturally they salivated at the sound of the bell after a time, even when food did not always thereafter accompany the sound (this works with humans, also). Hubbard's engram theory applied to this case cannot account for such behavior, since there was no pain or unconsciousness present during these experiences, and thus no engrams were created. Conditioning is a danger to Hubbard's engram theory because it is an alternative explanation for certain behaviors. The fish in Hubbard's above example need not have been knocked unconscious or even been in pain to learn to avoid certain areas where it regularly came in contact with an enemy. Pavlov's dogs did not have engrams that made them salivate. Where engrams don't exist, there is no need for dianetics.

Habits are also caused by engrams, according to Hubbard. Habits "can only be changed by those things which change engrams."38 Habits may be considered a simple form of conditioning where a person unconsciously trains him or herself to perform a certain activity at certain times. A girl, for example, may twirl her hair when she gets nervous. A grownup might bite his nails when he is under stress. If habits are engramic, as Hubbard states, then the only way to stop a habit would be through dianetic auditing. But certainly common sense and life experience teach that this is not the case at all. The girl generally outgrows her hair twirling, and the man can train himself not to bite his nails. There is no need for the engram theory to explain habits, and in fact the engram theory is weakened by the constant experience of people stopping habits without dianetic auditing.

The reactive mind, says Hubbard, is moronic. It considers everything in an engram to be identical to everything else in the engram. "Recall that the reactive mind can think only on this equation - A=A=A, where the three A's may be respectively a horse, a swear word, and the verb to spit. Spitting is the same as horses is the same as God."39 Remember this example, where the reactive mind cannot differentiate between a verb, an animal, the deity, and an expletive.

Remember also that the reason engrams cause problems is that they replay past memories where someone is stating something, and then the reactive mind literally interprets the statement and causes the person to act on that statement. I have previously mentioned the example of a child whose engram stated "You've got to take it." This child grew up to be a kleptomaniac because the reactive mind literally interpreted this statement in the engram, although it was actually the father yelling at the mother while raping her.

But there is a contradiction here. On the one hand, Hubbard states that the reactive mind thinks in identities, A=A=A. On the other hand, the reactive mind understands a most complex concept unique to man, language. In order to understand language, you must be able to differentiate between sounds, such as "ch" and "th". You must be able to differentiate between verbs and nouns. As anyone who has learned a second language can attest, understanding a language is an enormous analytical challenge, yet this is what is required of the moronic reactive mind in Hubbard's theory.

Hubbard does not grasp this contradiction at all. He skirts the issue to some degree, stating for example that you should never name your son a junior (George, Jr. etc.) since any engrams with"George" in them will be interpreted by the reactive mind to apply to the junior when he grows up (although, surprisingly, Hubbard named his son L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.). "I hate George", for example, is incorrectly interpreted and applied to the junior, "though Mother meant Father".40 But one can see in this case that the reactive mind could not tell one George from another, although it could differentiate between the "I" sound and the "G" sound, and also understood which sound was the noun, which the verb, and which the pronoun. It could not only differentiate the sounds into the three words, it could comprehend that "I" meant the mother, "hate" meant dislike intensely, and "George" meant the junior.

Now, let us remember the previous statement of Hubbard where a horse equals a swear word equals a deity. Consider also this other example, where "The reactive mind says 'NO!' Arthritis is a baby is a pig grunt is a prayer to God."41 In this case a pig grunt cannot be differentiated between a prayer, nor an animate object, for that matter.

According to Hubbard's theories there is a great gulf between the analytical mind and the reactive mind. They are in fact in different areas of the body, where the analytical mind is in the brain and the reactive mind is "cellular". The analytical mind is said to be a perfect computer, making no mistakes and able to compute difficult items in split seconds. The reactive mind is moronic and thinks that everything equals everything else. If it could be shown that there was really little difference between the two or that they were so thoroughly connected that there was essentially no differentiation between the two, then dianetics theory collapses because its two major competitive components are revealed as in fact one. And this in fact is the case:

As has been shown already, the reactive mind understands language, which is perhaps the shining triumph of analytical thinking.
The reactive mind also makes decisions. It must decide one of five types of reaction to an engram that it will command the body to perform.42
It distinguishes in an engram between the ally and the enemy, if there are two or more people present.43
It chooses which valence, or which role, to dramatize from the engram.44
It decides which engram to restimulate if there is more than one engram with the same sensual recording being restimulated.
For Hubbard to call the reactive mind moronic, and yet declare that it can perform all these functions, seems to be contradictory. Since Hubbard did not seem to perceive this contradiction, he of course offered no explanation, so I offer two possible ones that could be presented to try to save the theory.

The reactive mind connects with the analytical mind and utilizes some of its abilities.
The reactive mind is actually a part of the analytical mind.
Either of these solutions is, however, actually a death blow to dianetics. The whole point of dianetics is that these two minds cannot communicate and are completely separate. Dianetic auditing, where one spends hundreds of hours searching out memories in the reactive mind, is touted as the only way that memories in the reactive mind can be transferred to the analytical mind and erased from the reactive mind. If #1 or #2 above were true, then this roundabout trip into the reactive mind would not be necessary, since the two minds are already on speaking terms.

I understand that this point is perhaps hard to follow, but I have elaborated on it because I believe that if I am right, then the dianetic theory collapses right at the beginning of its explanation of how the mind works. If there is no gulf between the reactive and analytical mind (if this dichotomy even exists in reality), as dianetics posits, then there is no reason for dianetics to exist, as there would be no need for auditing.

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I love this tripe, it makes me chuckle no end. I understand that a new prophet may come in any guise, but its a little fishy when the new prophet comes from a sci-fi background after saying what he said, and low and behold, it is a sci-fi vision.
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Hey, that's the gerasett! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?
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It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Tahkns!
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