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> Dancin' inna Dark, An allegory in the Mid-Western vernacular
Warren Bonesteel
post Jun 04, 2006, 11:17 PM
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Subject: Morning Coffee Archives: Dancin' inna Dark

Date: 11/16/04 04:05:23

Mornin' folks! How the hell ya doin' today? Coffee's on! Ya best get a cup and get yer eyes open! Paper'll be here directly I imagine.

Oh, poop! YAAAAwwwnnn. Dang coffee ain't done yet. Reckon I gotta wait on it fer a couple-three minutes. So what're we visitin' over today do ya reckon? Dang it, I was askin' you! I gotta make all the hard decisions around here don't I?

I was studyin' some more on that mythological stuff a few days ago. It's been awhile since I took a long hard look at it. Pretty interestin' stuff, if ya can get past all the three dollar words, that is. I got my list I wanta look over too...where the hell's my ink pen anyway? There it is. Ol' Lady musta been in here. I don't remember leavin' it way over there.

Let's see... attributes and drawbacks of bein' human? Naw. That's too much of a mouth full if ya ain't had yer coffee yet...nope, did that one...did that one...don't wanta do that one yet...did that one...kinda visited over that one...

Well, I reckon. Miss Ruth Ann gave me somethin' to figger over, but that ain't gonna be ready fer a couple-three days. I gotta figger on it some before I run off at the mouth.

Man, I can't hardly think without my coffee...just a minute...

...Man, that's good stuff. Dang near burn yer lips, too! Are ya ready yet? Well, here we go! Hang on to yer britches, it's gonna be a helluva ride!

Ya ever dance inna dark? Pretty interestin' when ya do that. I ain't talkin' about full moon dark. I'm talkin' about dark like ya never think you'll see the light of day, dark. The kinda dark where ya can't see yer hand in front of yer face. City folks don't really know what that can be like, I reckon, and yes, I've been inna big city when a blackout happens. It ain't the same as bein' inna country onna dark of the moon dark. You city fellers wanta know what I'm talkin' about, go shut yerself inna closet and block all the light comin' in around the door. THAT kinda dark.

Lotta folks seem to like dancin' inna dark. Thing is, ya never get to see who yer dancin' with, what they look like or nuthin'. Some folks a dancin' inna dark with ya ain't got yer best interests at heart, ya know. Now dancin' with the ladies in that kinda dark is fun, time to time, but I ain't addressin' that kinda dancin' just here and now. Some folks been dancin' all their lives inna dark and don't know it. They don't know what light is, ya see.

Now when yer in that closet I was talkin' about earlier, ya been in there fer a few minutes, you step out and the light'll kinda hurt yer eyes a bit. Folks a livin' inna dark are like that when they get any light in their eyes. They close their eyes and cover their faces so it don't hurt. A lot of folks will crawl right back in that metaphorical closet and refuse to come out, too.

Ya figger out I ain't talkin' about physical dark? Cool. I knew you was a keepin' up with me! I could see that confused look in yer eyes that meant ya was a thinkin'! Means you ain't a livin' inna dark. Well, at least sometimes, anyway!

Some folks like a livin' inna dark. They feel safer that way. They like that whole livin' inna womb and bein' protected feelin', don't ya know. Me, I can't really say I'm that a way. Mostly anyway. I do like to stick to home and I don't go out much, but that's as much a conscious choice as it is any part of me wantin' to live inna dark.

Ya gettin' the idea, yet? Dancin' inna dark can set ya up fer some hurt. That light is what's good for ya, like it or no. It's a whole lot simpler to live inna light, too. Ya don't be bangin' yer toes so dang much, ya know.

That light is knowledge, experience, love, peace, hope... livin' life as it perhaps was meant to be lived. Freely. Full of life.

Of course, I do like dancin' with the ladies inna dark, with a bit of a moon and some music a playin'. That can be a whole lot of fun, right there. ...even so, there's light in that kinda dancin', no matter the quarter of the moon. If I gotta dance inna dark, let it be that way.

I'd rather my eyes hurt some than to not know what was a goin' on around me. ...and I sure don't like stubbin' my toes 'cause I can't see where I'm a goin'. Dancin' inna dark can be kinda interestin', I figger. Bangin' yer toes, runnin' into folks, fallin' down, skinnin' yer shin. Ayup. I reckon some folks like it. Well they must! They don't seem to wanta come outta that darkness any. Ya ain't gonna find love there. Ya ain't gonna find peace. Ain't no hope in darkness. Can't learn nuthin' by a readin' or by livin'. Can't even fight proper if ya gotta fight fer anything.

Ayup. Gimme the light every time...'least til it's time to dance with a lady inna dark, that is. My wife looks at me funny if it ain't her I'm dancin' with, though...

If ya can't figger all that out, gimme a holler. I'll fix ya up good and proper.

Warm up yer coffee folks! It's a good day! It's a new opportunity! It's another chance to get 'er sorted out!

Make sure ya take advantage of it!

( Don't scoff. At the height of its four year run, I had two million daily readers around the world.)

The book sales, however, were disappointing... ;O) - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-h...&Go.x=15&Go.y=8

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